Meet the boss

MBDL began once Ron ventured out on his own. He came from working with very good mentors, learned from them instead of mistakes at clients expense. Ron has over 30 years experience, plus continuing professional development. Ron has been on the ASTTBC Building Designers Board for many years. The company currently employs 3 others as draftspersons, each at a different level in their careers but contributing fully to the client's experience.

Ron is well versed in energy efficient construction methods, he is a certified Nudura ICF installer, regular specifier of Solar Edge PV panels and equipment, and following his KISS principals, simple passive solar design...

Ron's personal experience brings value to each client, he 'gets' the hobby farm life and is currently building on 4 acres in Cobble Hill / Shawnigan Lake area, he 'gets' lakefront living and what works for cottages and docks, having a place and boating at Lake Cowichan. Ron also has a soft spot for car guys building their 'shop' just as he is for his Sunbeam classic. But family life and how the family shares space is still foremost.